presentation of the copy of Magdalena’s painting to the Welsh Assembly and Mayor Ted Ellis Office Indiana USA

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presentation of the reproduction-Barbados

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Magdalenas painting presented by Mayor Tedd Ellis Indiana USA

Mayor Ted Ellis

Ted Ellis is a native of Bluffton, Indiana, and was elected Mayor in 1995 after serving nine years on the Wells County Council. He is a graduate of Indiana University with a degree in economics.

Ellis is the First Vice President of the National League of Cities and the elected treasurer of United Cities and Local Governments, the international association representing local and regional governments and their national associations. He was the recipient of a John J. McCloy fellowship in Urban Affairs to study city issues in Germany. He is past president of Indiana Association of Cities and Towns. Ted is a founding member of the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership. He was named a “Sagamore of the Wabash” by the Governor of Indiana. The Indiana Association of Cities and Towns awarded him the Russell Lloyd Award for “outstanding contributions to local government.”

He is past president of the Bluffton Free Street Fair Association. Ted is Moderator of the First Baptist Church in Bluffton and past board member of the American Baptist Churches of Indiana. He serves on the boards of the Ossian State Bank, Bluffton Regional Medical Center and the Wells County Foundation. He is a life member of the American Mensa Society.

Ted’s wife, Marge, is a native of Holland, Michigan. They have four children and five grandchildren.


On Wednesday January 12th 2011, Lord Daffydd-Ellis Thomas and Jeff Cuthbert, as representatives of the Welsh Assembly and the People of Wales, received the painting Wish Fulfilling Tree from the Gesar Foundation.
Below left to right are Brian Pope and Graham Thomas, both representing the Caerphilly Male Voice Choir, Pawo centre and Lord Daffydd-Ellis Thomas and Jeff Cuthbert.
Below is the painting Wish Fulfilling Tree. Presented to the Welsh Assembly for public dispay
Wish Fulfilling Tree has been presented to the people of Wales in gratitude for their kindness and generosity towards children and the Gesar Foundation. The original of the painting was kindly donated to Gesar by the celebrated artist, Magdalena Rutkowska, inspired by the 2010 recording of the children’s world Anthem by the Caerphilly Male Voice Choir.
The Gesar Foundation, on behalf of the world’s children, wish to thank the Caerphilly Male Voice Choir, Graham Thomas, Hazel Matthews, Catrin Finch, Molly Quarterly, Roy Noble, the BBC and the Welsh Assembly.
It has been brought to our attention, that the Welsh are the only Nation in the world, to employ a children’s charter. A more in depth report will be made about this very soon…
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Tower Theatre

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Logo marketing material for Théâtre de Verdure du jardin Shakespeare Pré Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne



The cast and crew  of the Green Goose cabaret gave a fantastic performance that kept the audience roaring with laughter and thundering with applause. There wasn’t a soul in the theatre that didn’t enjoy this show.

Although it never won a Tony award, “Green Goose Theatre” is one of the longest running shows and has been enjoyed by many throughout its years.

The director Helena Kaut-Howson , playing the role of Porfioron- theatre director showcased a fantastic understanding of comedic timing. Helena was able to bring out many of the more difficult themes, such as travelling in time and exploring the effects of political pressure on culture, while dancing and sining.

Fafik played by Magda Wlodarczyk showed great versatility as an actress and singer.

Joanna Kanska, who played the free spirited character of Hermenegilda, embodied the character perfectly while singing. Performance by Wojtek Piekarski who played Gzegzolka was an absolute blast to watch as he acted and sang with talent beyond his years. Weteranka portrayed by Renata Chmielewska, stole the show by her unexpected act appearing outside the stage in the middle of the audience seats.

The powerful performance of Janusz Gutner who played the character of professor Baczynski put all politicians in shame. The rap song and the street like aptitude performed by Pawel Zdun who played the character of Majtkowski added even more controversy to the performance, but not in the distracting way .

The carefully prepared “artistic mess”,  projected images and the drawing of the confused goose has been designed by Magdalena Rutkowska and fit in to the show character precisely creating the ” back stage on stage atmosphere”.

Each member of the audience was laughing throughout the show and there wasn’t an unhappy face in the crowd.

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“Les Palmes de Monsieur Schutz”



‘Crime of the Heart by Beth Henley is a sweltering, sultry and dramatic take on the complicated lives of three white southern sisters in 1970s Mississippi. Ably directed by Gigi Robarts  who manages to keep the pace moving  while allowing for strong characterization and with a striking period set by Magdalena Rutkowska that evokes southern kitchens of the period;  the Tower theatre production succeeds in catching the sometimes zany, often dysfunctional lives of these three very different sisters as they struggle to renew their lives and come to terms with the past of their mother’s suicide and their own always present competitive rivalry. Jo Donnelly(Meg Magrath) , Sarah Peachey(Babe Magrath) and Emma Knott(Lenny Magrath) relish portraying the three Mississippi siblings and give clear performances aided by a strong supporting cast in the shape of Crispin Davy, Oscar Gibbs and Lucy Fletcher. Gigi Robarts has worked hard to ensure the production stays balanced on a fine point between the excesses of southern melodrama and wicked black humour and to keep the sisters’ story central while the play is framed in its historical period. All the appreciative audience at the Bridewell theatre needed was some smooth but fearsome Mississippi Punch to sip on and they’d have been ready for round two.’

by Steven Barfield

Steven Barfield,Senior Lecturer in English Literature,Dept of English, Linguistics and Cultural StudiesThe University of Westminster Essays on the Novels, the Film and the Stage Productions

Crimes of the heart by Beth Henley

Crimes of the Heart

by Beth Henley

Directed by Gigi Robarts

Set and graphic design by Magdalena Rutkowska

Evenings at 7.45
Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st January

Matinée at 3.00
Saturday 21st January

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre, off Fleet Street

How about a little hot southern comfort Mississippi style!

Suicide, murder, adultery, domestic violence and alienation are just for starters and the curtain ain’t even gone up!

It’s 1974 in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. Haunted by the shadow of their mother’s suicide our three dysfunctional protagonists, the Magrath sisters, reunite at their grandfather’s estate. Each sister grappling with her own ‘crime of the heart’ in this moving Pulitzer prize-winning play which is rarely performed on these shores!

Babe has just shot her husband and is on bail from prison.

Lenny is celebrating her 30th birthday, lighting her lone candle in a cookie.

Meg is back after a failed singing career in Hollywood.

The real sparks fly as the three sisters take on each one’s skeleton in the closet with funny and heart-wrenching consequences.

Getting ready for the next production

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“On behalf of the RSC I should like to thank you for the contribution to
the International Year of Chemistry and to mark my election as President
of the Royal Society of Chemistry from July 2012. I am really pleased
that we have managed to inspire so many people and organisations to
celebrate the vital contribution of chemistry and chemists to our
society, both past and present, during this UN sponsored year for the
subject and I very much hope to sustain the momentum that we have built
up during my term in office.

I have asked that both portraits are added to the RSC’s collections of
chemistry related objects. They will be used, and displayed, on relevant
occasions and will play a role in the future life of the organisation. I
hope that you will feel that this is a fitting tribute to your efforts
and commitment because it is only through our ability to inspire and
motivate will the RSC advance the science that we all believe in and is
so vital to improve and sustain the quality of our lives and ensure a
sustainable future for the next generations of citizens.”
Lesley Yellowlees
Professor of Inorganic Electrochemistry
Vice Principal and Head of College of Science and Engineering
University of Edinburgh

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Ognisko Polskie (Polish Hearth Club) has served to promote Polish culture in London for 71 years and now risks being sold.

Established by the British Council on 16th July 1940 and opened by The Duke and Duchess of Kent and Lord Halifax, Foreign Secretary, it was attended by The Polish President, Mr M Raczkiewicz, the Polish Prime Minister, General Sikorski, and members of the Polish Cabinet. It has flourished over the years, being a venue for cultural and social events ranging from lectures, concerts and art exhibitions. It is a flagship of our joint cultural heritage and deserves to continue. Many Poles, including our families who suffered the hardships of World War II and the associated enforced exile, have contributed to its success over the last 71 years. The proposed sale of the building will be an immense loss and damaging to the Polish Community.

We feel that the directors of Ognisko Limited have not explored the full range of business options to make Ognisko Polskie financially viable once more.

We urge to sign this petition in support of our campaign to stop the sale of Ognisko Polskie, 55 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PN.

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Ilustration /children book

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International symbol for children happines,painting by Magdalena .R.H CLICK