Witkacy,Westminster, 2009

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The presence of Witkacy….
Well well… we have accomplished mission “impossible” – the Witkacy 2009 festival at Westminster University.

So far, from everything I’ve heard from those involved in the event, for some strange reason we are all missing the madness that preoccupied us 24/7!

Personally I am taking my hat off to Kevin for putting together a bunch of such amazing people to work on the project.

Kevin – he was difficult to find but at the same time he managed to be everywhere..

Steve – tried hard (and succeeded!) to keep everyone happy even though, as we all knew, it was very difficult to achive in some cases.

Hard working Marta managed to keep a polite smile on her face all the time.

All of our great actors who had to put up with some rather odd scenography which, btw, was nothing to do with my modern contemporary ideas but a lot to do with budget and health and safety restrictions (well it is an old building..

Still dont really know how Frank become a friend with my bigger enemy “THE SCREEN”
I have to mention my great team of enthusiastic and never complaining artists – mainly Tom and Balint.

I am sure that many world famous theatres would be proud to decorate their walls with the gold phantom masks made by Tom.

Poor Balint never had the opportunity to see the “Mad man and the nun” because he had to stay behind the side stage curtain taking care of sound effects.

There were so many funny moments during the festival.We even had a visit from the ghost at the end..

It was hard work but I think we all miss that.  Personally I miss the crazy atmosphere and everyone who helped to create the maelstrom.

Thank you ALL for your great and valued cooperation!!!

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  • tomasz milasz

    I was really happy to cooperate with Magda on Witkacy Project, those moments that we spent together were unforgetttable! Thanks to everyone for working together. We were lucky that the ghost visited us only the last night;)

  • Andrzej Orybkiewicz

    I may have been the smallest part of the Witkacy machine but I still enjoyed helping out, great work guys!!

  • Steve Barfield

    Well done Magda! This page looks lovely and will be even better when more photos are up I bet.

    I think you, Tom and Balint and the the carpenter whose name I never got sadly, all did a brilliant and really incredible job in getting evrything ready in time. I was incredibly impressed at all the work you managed to do and looking unstressed throughout it all. from scenography to costumes to catering to becoming a sound designer at the last minute!
    look forward to seeing everyone in the future, Steve xx

  • julia

    Just to say thanks for a nice pictures.Unfortunately I had missed the show because I wasnt able to book the tickets on line!!!!
    I will follow the forum to find out what next..
    Hope to see you soon!!

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