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by magda on Aug.10, 2012, under Announcements, Art News, other stories

Ognisko Polskie (Polish Hearth Club) has served to promote Polish culture in London for 71 years and now risks being sold.

Established by the British Council on 16th July 1940 and opened by The Duke and Duchess of Kent and Lord Halifax, Foreign Secretary, it was attended by The Polish President, Mr M Raczkiewicz, the Polish Prime Minister, General Sikorski, and members of the Polish Cabinet. It has flourished over the years, being a venue for cultural and social events ranging from lectures, concerts and art exhibitions. It is a flagship of our joint cultural heritage and deserves to continue. Many Poles, including our families who suffered the hardships of World War II and the associated enforced exile, have contributed to its success over the last 71 years. The proposed sale of the building will be an immense loss and damaging to the Polish Community.

We feel that the directors of Ognisko Limited have not explored the full range of business options to make Ognisko Polskie financially viable once more.

We urge to sign this petition in support of our campaign to stop the sale of Ognisko Polskie, 55 Princes Gate, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2PN.

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by magda on Feb.01, 2012, under other stories


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Michael John Griffiths painting..

by magda on Feb.12, 2011, under other stories

To see more of Michael amazing artwork and poetry please visit his website

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by magda on Nov.24, 2010, under Art News, other stories

We would like to congratulate Basia Hamilton on her latest success at Marie Curie Cancer Research Auction.We also are grateful to Basia for sharing her thoughts with our readers.

I have often wondered why so few young people sit in front of beautiful

buildings and sketch nowadays. In museums like the V&A, when cameras surround Renaissance sculptures, why not record them by hand in our own sketchbook? For some time now, the V&A has provided little chairs which one can take and sit in front of the object and draw.

Modern art has detached us from the most wonderful images painted in the past centuries, the most extraordinary unique pictures, which take our breath away. There is no need to mention examples to understand what the word Art means, all it takes is a mere walk in the National Gallery, V&A or Somerset House, where there is currently a lovely exhibition of Cezanne’s card players which every visitor to London should see.

Trained as an abstract artist in Gdansk Academy of Art, I was led to believe that abstraction is the mode of our times. Our professors didn’t want us to feel ostracised by galleries around the world when we left the Academy, so we painted still lives made of odd things, inspiring us to create unrecognizable forms. It was great and thorough training but when I exhibited one self-portrait among my best compositions in Rome, everyone gathered around it and said, “If you can paint a face like that, why do you waste time doing abstract images.” From that day there was no turning back, I was showered with commissions and never stopped painting portraits.

I realised how much pleasure I can give to people, creating their form in a way that is both aesthetic to me and them. It is also a great challenge and adventure each time I sit in front of a new person. My exhibitions in London were always fully packed and my studio was buzzing with friends. The portraits on the walls dictated our conversations and the atmosphere.

We all know that Damian Hirst creations earn millions and are admired by the great world of art, so it was even more surprised when at an auction for Gala Chopins’s recent Concert for Marie Curie Cancer Care in the historical Guildhall, my portrait made £7000 whereas Damian Hurst’s drawing of a skull made £3000!

Maybe the tide will slowly change I thought, and more people will turn to traditional arts for comfort of the soul and pleasure of the eyes. We learn so much from the artists of the past, beautiful forms, composition and colours, plus the history and customs of past generations and cultures. For many centuries, the art of portraiture has represented a mirror to society. Artists like Rafael, Rembrandt and Reynolds left us not only beautiful images to look at, but also a documented history of the fashions and manners of their epoch.

Today’s world has so much to offer and I believe young people should pick up a pencil and paper and go around drawing buildings and people. Instead going to nightclubs where drinks are so expensive, they should turn their interest to practical art. Especially now with the economic crisis, as this pleasurable activity does not cost anything, just a wish to paint, learn and create. For Christmas, a lovely drawing of a mother, a pet or a house by a child will make a better present then anything chosen from a shop. A painting will charm and remain in the family for generations to come.

My top tip for visitors to London: museums, museums and again museums.

By Basia Hamilton Kaczmarowska

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Melinda McCarthy In New York.

by magda on Nov.11, 2010, under other stories

Melinda McCarthy, showing in the next installment of Broadway Gallery’s Home and Abroad series New York.

Shrouded deep in the mystical realms of folk lore, mythology and legend, the artworks of Melinda McCarthy reach deep into the shadowy depths of her deep coloured canvas and bring forth images of ancient and sometimes long forgetten stories and ideas into the light.The allure of the symbology and mysticism hidden in ancient tales and concepts has always been strong for Melinda, and has served her as a sort of treasure map to imagery and inspiration. Fuelled even further by her own mysterious past as an adoptee searching for her biological heritage, Melinda’s work is rich with the soul of one inspired through many travels and journeys inward and outward.The magic and illumination which this brings to her work, it seems has ignited the imagination of audiences world wide with shows in the UK, Europe, Australia, and New York is no exception. An exhibiting artist for over ten years, Melinda’s work really started to gain recognition in London through her involvement in the Catch in the Eye series of exhibitions run by artist Magdalena Rutkowska and in the art Minerva auctions in Venice and London, where her work was donated to help raise money for L’Aquila after the earthquakes.  Following this she was invited to exhibit in the Biennale of Chianciano, Tuscany organised by Gagliardi Galleries in London.Her first New York show inspired the words of poet, S David and had the town talking.Now this December Melinda has been invited back to New York to be part of the Home and Abroad series of exhibitions run by Broadway Gallery.  The gallery, (owned by Abraham Lubelski, publisher of NY Arts Magazine) uses the Home and Abroad series of exhibitions as a way of bringing together showcases of emerging and established artists, exhibiting them side by side and creating a new and exciting dialogue within the art world.  Yet another way of keeping their finger on the pulse so to speak.This particular installment will be running for the whole of December.  Along side the work of Melinda McCarthy, will be an amazing spectrum of world wide talent, including pieces from, Serioshka Hellmund, MOON HYE JA, Kristina Garon, Ana Negro, Hanna Scheriau, Kristin Bruner, Sarah T. Powers, Nana Bagdavadze, Grady Zeeman, Claire Fearon, Nabeela Al Khayer, John Gesager Nielsen, Rotem Reshef, Ulla-Britt Bolin, Laura Fung, Ingvill Solberg, Aase-Hilde Brekke, Margareth Adama, Charles Swenson, Delma Godoy, Ilona van Hoek, Cherri Bender, Sidyk Gayoso, Luminita Gliga, Cristina Rodriguez, Juan Lopez and Kerry Grøneng

Home and Abroad

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by magda on Feb.14, 2010, under eclusier exhibitions, eclusier press TV, other stories


A rare opportunity to work side by side with Master Portraitist Barbara Hamilton as tutor. After many years of paintings portraits for nobility, politicians and other historical figures all over the world, Barbara has decided to share the secret techniques of portrait creation with art lovers of the younger generation.

With the assistance of the painter Magdalena Rutkowska, Barbara will run an intensive course of portrait drawing in her private studio in Kensington, London

The course will spread over two weeks which include three afternoons weekly. Each session will be run for three hours and will include 15 min tea break.

The course start in the first week of April (to be confirm)

There are a strictly limited number of places for Portrait Academy course .Our students will also benefit from exhibiting they work in a prestigious gallery space in Kensington.

For details and booking please contact:

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Chrissie Hammond-Snafu

by magda on Mar.26, 2009, under other stories


Chrissie Hammond MA presenting SNAFU to the NHS- a rather mischievous character who frequents her studio invariably causing absolute havoc on a daily basis-Although she confesses to be happy tolerating his distractions, as he is good company in an otherwise insular environment and together over the years they have formulated a close appreciation for each other and more importantly

A Vision……..

Chrissie’s vision with SNAFU is that one day in the near future he will become an iconic character for the NHS- promoting their messages in a light hearted and memorable way.

Chrissie said…”The NHS has offered me and those closest to me an inordinate amount of care & support over the past years. Consequently I would like to put something back in the only way I know how——-through creativity. Currently I am working on various options/projects with the NHS to make this a reality- however I am always looking for new ideas and through experience I have found that often the best ideas stem from the people who work in the organisation itself- so if anyone would like to be a part of the initial ‘Think Tank’ all thoughts will be gratefully received. “

Please send all ideas large or small to or e-mail:

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