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painted20poetry202It is always nice to hear about success of our fellow artists.Congratulation to Michael John Griffiths on his amazing exhibition of paintings along with the poetry.

“’Painted Poetry’ is a labour of love, executed over twelve years. My work charts the journey of the soul.”  Michael explains.
The exhibition runs from March 2nd to the 30th, 2009. Located at the heart of Leeds city centre, in the historic building of Leeds Central Art Library,

secrets_and_lies-hellen Meanwhile Helen Kaminsky being chosen as a finalist of the First of Aesthetica  Creative Works Competition.Aesthetica Magazine is a  British- based arts publication with bi-monthly  issues covering art and other culture related events.The magazine could be find at WH Smith shops nationwide.We wish you the  best of   luck  Helen!

At  the beginning of May 2009 Magdalena Rutkowska and Janina Grinevich will be working on 10 meter high murals on the walls of  CBR museum and home of  Marie Currie.The murals will symbolise the history of the building used today as a  museum,library and also as a  government meeting place for monthly conferencedcp_0012ss between proffessors and MP’s who represents cultural and educational activities in the EU.


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  • Michael John Griffiths

    Thank you so much Magdalena for your good wishes.
    May I add my congratulations to Helen and also wish her much success. Also all the best to yourself and Janina with the forthcoming Mural work – Wow 10 meters – It is great to think that they will be the beautiful backdrop of meetings between EU MPs and Professor’s of culture and education – I am sure they will be very inspiring.

  • magdalena

    well… I do hope so…

  • Michael John Griffiths

    My exhibition “Painted Poetry” has now been extended until 10th of April. So far lots of programmes and brochures have been taken by visitors though I still wait in hope for a sale.

  • magdalena

    fingers crossed!

  • claudia

    Wow!Great interior.Where is that place?

  • Michael John Griffiths

    Though I have not sold any work yet I have received some very good and sweet comments in my visitors book and also emails –
    Like many fellow artists I paint for love and to share my creations with others so I feel this exhibition is a success and am happy to know my work has touched others.

  • magda

    This is a very wise way of thinking…

  • Michael John Griffiths

    Painted Poetry exhibition has been extended till 10th of April – The next artist only requires the space for last couple of weeks of April so I was pleased to be asked to keep the exhibition up till 10th.
    The exhibition space is a free service to local artists.
    Though the waiting list is 6 years long and growing.
    All the staff at Leeds Art Library are very helpful and friendly.
    Though I haven’t had any sales which is nothing unusual I have however had so many wonderful and encouraging comments left in my visitors book that it has been a most uplifting experience so far.

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