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Following the success of the recently published book, “The Churchills  a Family Portrait,” Barbara Hamilton’s Portrait Academy is pleased to announce the first portrait drawing/painting contest in memory of Sir Winston Churchill. The aim of the competition is to encourage an appreciation of portrait drawing as a worthy element in the history of art, at the same time history in general .

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  • balint

    hello could you tell me what short of media can i use is it just drawing?

  • magda

    Hi there,
    You can use any media except photography or digital art
    good luck!

  • Izzy

    Can you tell me if we are supposed to be submitting a portrait of Winston Churchill or can it be anyone?

  • magda

    Hi Izzy,
    Yes it suppose to be your personal interpretation of Sir Winston Churchill.
    For example there is no many portraits made showing S.W.Churchill in his younger age..
    all the best

  • Victor

    Please inform if the frame has a size limit.
    Also, the A3 size limit mentioned, is it the canvas size limit or the painting itself. Example: Can I use a larger sized canvas but with a A3 sized painted area.
    Sorry for my English and also if this sounds confusing…
    Best regards
    Victor Fernandes
    Lisbon – Portugal

  • magda

    Dear Victor,
    Thank you for your interest in the portrait competition. Canvases do not have to be framed. The max.size supposes to be A3 .How ever slightly bigger artwork (slightly bigger) shouldn’t make much difference.
    I Hope that you found the information helpful.
    All the best!

  • Victor

    Hi Magdalena,

    Thanks you for you post answering my question. I have another question though. The portraits have to be submitted before 20 April. Does it mean that we cannot submit any work during the 20th April?
    Kind regards
    Victor Fernandes

  • magda

    Hi Victor,
    I afraid 20.04 is the final date for submissions…possibly the real latest is 22.04..Winner will be announced on 25.04..It will be a shame if you miss the competition entry.On the positive side,there are plans for another competition ..but I cant share the details yet..
    Best of luck!

  • Kris

    And so who won?

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