Thank you very much for your interest and for having taken part in the “Woman in science” 2011 essay competition ! We were overwhelmed not only by the sheer number but also by the variety and breadth of topics, and by the quality of the submitted essays. The “Curieosity” jury members faced a real challenge in selecting the best essays out of a high number of high-quality essays. But they ultimately made their choices and reached a collective conclusion.

A word to those whose essays didn’t make it into the top 6 .With a high number of essays submitted you faced a highly competitive environment and our jury often had to make very difficult decisions.. We do hope, though, that you nevertheless found writing your essay a rewarding experience. We want to let you know how much we appreciate you having taken the time and having taken part in this year’s “Woman in science” writing challenge.

Published essays now have been selected to face the public vote.


We are very glad you did!
Thank you very much!

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From: Shermaine Si Ying Ying
Essay: The Girl and her Microscope


The Girl and her Microscope


From: Emma Yeo
Essay: Why Science Matters To Me

Age 15

About the Entrant:
I have always enjoyed science, and I took this opportunity to write about women in science and what their discoveries have shown me.

It has always been that way, that in the search for great progress, much has been lost. Some would question whether it is worthwhile, to risk so much for what could be seen as simply a worthless ideal – hopes for the future are not concrete; they cannot be seen.


From: Priyanka Mocherla Essay: Ada Lovelace: A Journey
age 16
About the Entrant:
I go to Impington Village College and I am in my final year. I came across this competition whilst looking for other contests that I cold enter, so that I could use my holiday time productively. This piece of writing is in Anne Isabella Milbanke’s (Ada Lovelace’s daughter) point of view.

From Tina.L

age: n/a

Essay about Women and Science

21 March 1702.

The sun had set a few hours ago and it was pitch black outside, no clouds in the sky, the perfect weather to observe the stars……

From Rosie Hill

Margaret Cavendish

Age N/A




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