Magdalena Rutkowska,Tomasz Milasz anniversary paintings for the Royal Society of Chemistry

Both paintings have been recently placed in the Royal Society of Chemistry headquarters in London.

We received a beautiful letter from Lesley Yellowlees .Professor of Inorganic Electrochemistry
Vice Principal and Head of College of Science and Engineering
University of Edinburgh, and the first  woman who was elected as a president of the Royal Society Of Chemistry in the history of the institution

Below are few lines from the letter regarding the future of both paintings:

“  I have asked that both portraits are added to the RSC’s archive of
chemistry related objects. They will be used, and displayed, on relevant
occasions and will play a role in the future life of the organisation. I
hope that you will feel that this is a fitting tribute to your efforts
and commitment because it is only through our ability to inspire and
motivate will the RSC advance the science that we all believe in and is
so vital to improve and sustain the quality of our lives and ensure a
sustainable future for the next generations of citizens…”

Lesley Yellowlees

“Marie 2011” by Magdalena Rutkowska

Prof.Lesley Yellowlees. elect.president of RSC by Tomasz Milasz